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This website is well designed and has a good first impression that helps in attracting new customers. The homepage of this website tends to answer most of the questions that a newbie may have regarding the services it offers and the charges to apply. This is definitely a plus for this company since most of the customers always look forward to know what a company does within the shortest time possible. Having been impressed with the homepage and generally the entire website of this company, I decided to give it a try so that I can actually be able to conduct a comprehensive review of what the company can provide to serious customers. Continue reading EssayLib


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The company is one of those that have joined the freelance writing industry recently and it provides a platform where the client is the one who releases the money to the writer rather than the company doing it itself. Well, the website tends to have an average homepage appearance and I have a feeling that the developer could have done better. All in all, the website tends to be rich in information on what the customer should expect from the company and its writers. There are also various testimonials that one can read in order to ascertain what customers who have used the company before have to say. I was somehow impressed with the appearance of this website and the information I read on its homepage plus other pages that I managed to navigate and I decided to give it a try and see what their writers can provide. Continue reading EssayShark


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The website is very simple and it seems that the developers failed to take enough time and dedication in making the site presentable. Also, the language used tends to confuse anyone who might be in dire need of essay writing help. This is because the website markets its services as for “college students” only.  One is then left to wonder whether the site does not offer services for high school students, university and other learners. However, the website offers customers information of the services they provide and this is a positive remark because one can quickly get to know whether it is possible to get help. Continue reading College-Paper


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The website is well built and has much information on the home page that tends to capture any visitor’s attention.  There is a price calculator just at the home page that assists customer to know the price of their order before making a decision to work with the company. However, it is important to note that the charges for this company are very much high compared to other writing companies. Even though the home page is well designed, the website tends to mislead customers by saying it offers free features (and tagging prices on these features) but basically, all these features are free everywhere in the writing industry. However, this might be a marketing strategy to confuse new customers. Continue reading GrabmyEssay


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